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June 28, 2017
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It’s fascinating to see how far movies and the viewers interaction with movies has advanced over the past 100 years.  Originally, of course, we were in a place where movies didn’t even have audio attached to them.  They were, literally, just moving pictures that audiences went to movie theaters to view.  They had subtitles in between the moving images to tell a story or display dialogue about what the viewers we’re seeing.  In fact, that’s where the word movie came from, signifying that the pictures were moving.  Later, the technology advanced where movies turned into “talkies” in that we now had the kind of movies we know of today with full and synced audio and video.

How we consumed this entertainment has also vastly changed over time.  Originally, we went to theaters that were able to use a projector to display the image on a screen in front of the audience.  The technology has varied in terms of the projector displaying on a project from the front or from the back of the screen towards the audience.  Regardless, for decades movies were something that we’re watched in a theater with a community of other folks.  This is still the case today, but it’s far from being the sole source of how movies are consumed.

Around the mid-century mark, more and more households had televisions and programming became more extensive, where it was now a normal thing to watch a movie at home.  Things still stayed very popular the local movie theater and variations also came such as the drive-in movie, where you could come with your own vehicle to watch.  What really started changing was the advent of the video cassette recorder (VCR) in the living room and then with the introduction of local video stores.  Now, you could go and choose from a large collection of movies or other entertainment that has been pre-recorded on video cassettes and watch them in the comfort and freedom of your own home.

Today, the landscape has changed again and the past 20 years has ushered in the reality of being able to download or stream entertainment directly off of the Internet to your device of choice for playback at your own leisure.  You can watch in your living room, or on a plane, or even on an airplane traveling over 600 miles an hour over the Pacific Ocean at 40,000′.  There are many sources of getting this entertainment, such as Hulu, YouTube, and the NetFlix.  There are also lots of other good services out there for streaming movies, such as GoMovies, where you can even watch movies for free.  It’s incredible the changes that have occurred in this space over the past 100 years and even next 10 years will likely be amazing to us to watch.